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Candy Coach at RUNWAY Halloween Bash Ticket Giveaway!!

RUNWAY Halloween Bash ticket giveaway by Silicon Beach Parents Group, sponsored by Kris Zacuto | COMPASS

The Candy Coach is back for a special Trick-or-Treating experience at RUNWAY's Halloween Bash and it’s no surprise that this experience SOLD OUT because this is one of the big highlights of the annual RUNWAY Halloween Bash in Playa Vista!

We’re giving away TEN tickets to this fun experience, thanks to our favorite real estate professional and giveaway sponsor; Kris Zacuto of COMPASS! To enter, just enter here and come check our winner board at our table (next to the petting zoo) when you arrive to see if you’re one of our winners!!

Other highlights you can look forward to are the RAH RAH PETTING ZOO, roving entertainment and more kid friendly fun!!

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